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Welcome to my tumblr art blog! Here I'll post my work, what I'm up to art wise, and my experiences as an artist. Check out my pages and feel free to visit my ask box!
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Check out my latest photoshoot on deviantart! Based on the cult film, The Craft!

New photos are up! Be sure to check here, I currently update it more often than this page! 

My completed claymation! My first ever, but there will be more to come! 

Building the set and the clay armature was so much fun! I hope you all enjoy it.

Finally I’m back on deviantart with a new account! Can’t wait to dive into the community again! Say hello if you stop by! 

Newest doodle illustration complete. 

An art trade with a friend who asked me to draw a punk version of her. Super fun fun!

Went to my classmates’ portfolio show and was really inspired! Everyone did an amazing job!

Really inspired by photography right now.  It seems to inspire me to create art in several different mediums, not just photography itself.

Got some job opportunities on the horizon and new art friends.

Great work, great vibes! And now to create! 

Updated Demo Reel!

Always a work in progress! Enjoy! 

ps: you can see clips of my claymation there. Will work on completing the short film so you can see it in full!

Some of my photos from an ongoing art project of mine I call “Texas Explorations”.

There’s so much to see out here!

The set I constructed for my claymation last year. Still working on getting the full piece complete and should be sharing some footage very soon!

A doodle sketch completed! A drawing of my character from my claymation, she’s also featured on my Tumblr icon. Hope to share a preview of that claymation soon. It should be ready, just has to be uploaded. 

Hope you dig the illustration!